David Gerstein

David Gerstein


Davd Gerstein was born in Jerusalem in 1944. Starting from 1965 and onwards he studied at some of the most famous art academies in Paris, Israel, New York and London. From 1971 until 1985 he was also a senior lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. His famous wall sculptures, metal cut outs and paintings have been shown at hundreds of art exhibitions all over the world.

Gerstein creates universal colorful and layered images of still-life compositions, urban landscapes and human activities which always retain local and autobiographical elements. His art ranges from simple straightforward images which render dream-like naive scenes and at other times a cinematic, large scale choreographed reality.

His unique three-dimensional wall sculptures can be seen at prominent public spaces and private installations in China, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and Israel.

Sarah's Tent Fine Art Gallery features many of David Gerstein pieces in our Tzfat art gallery

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