Avi Ben-Simhon

Avi Ben-Simhon


Avi Ben-Simhon was born in Fez, Morocco in 1947 and shortly after moved to Israel with his family upon the establishment of the State in 1948. He grew up in Jerusalem and served in the Israeli Defense Forces before joining a group of friends to establish Kibbutz Eyal. His interest in art started at the age of 6 when he started to draw on newspapers with charcoals.


Today Avi Ben-Simhon is one of the most famous Israeli artists, represented in over 100 galleries worldwide. His paintings are a mix of unique colors, extreme textures and joyful subjects creating very imaginative imagery that is very warm and inviting.

He has also created a revolutionary technique in the creation of mixed media collages. First he carefully chooses assorted clippings from hundreds of magazines which are then layered on Steinbach paper. He then paints with a material he created which absorbs the images from the magazines below and brings them to the surface. The final result is an outstanding world of multiple colors and textures within every brushstroke.

Ben-Simhon was educated in world class Art Institutes. In 1986, he studied at the acclaimed Avni Art Institute. In the following years he immersed himself into the world of contemporary art at the highly acclaimed Kallisher Institute. Ben-Simhon soon became fascinated by the Fauvist and Cubist painters of the 19th Century, particularly by Picasso and Mogdigliani. Their influences are readily apparent in his paintings. His work is a balance between figurative and abstract, a perfect marriage of beauty and complication.

Our Tzfat art gallery carries many of Ben-Simhon's works and all are available for purchase.

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