Adriana Naveh


Adriana Naveh was born in 1963 in Mendoza, Argentina. In 1985 she moved to Israel after graduating from The Academy of Fine Arts at the De Cuyo University in Argentina. She now lives in Jerusalem and has been a professional painter and artist for the last 20 years. She also studied art at the Avni Institute of Art and Design in Tel Aviv.

Her work is mainly focused on colorful and abstract urban landscapes painted with a unique technique on large Aluminum plates with many layers of lacquer. This gives her art a very bright and modern eye catching feel.

Adriana is fascinated by urban architecture and this is also a main focus in her work. In her own words:

"It is tightly related to myself being an immigrant and to my persistent search for the interior place of man in his environment".

She also studied interior design and has taught drawing at schools and museums in Israel.

Today she is highly acclaimed in Israel and exhibits in galleries both in and outside of Israel.

Her works are represented in our Tzfat art gallery and all are available for sale. Please message us for prices and details.

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